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Taking Amazing Photos During a Cloudy Day

All week it was sunny and warm. Then suddenly, the day that I had TWO senior sessions, it was cloudy and cold!

What would you do if all the shots you planned in the beginning had to change suddenly?

Cloudy days are good and bad.

They are good because you don’t have to worry about harsh shadows. It’s like a gigantic soft box in the sky.

The bad thing about cloudy days is that your images could look dark, moody or even BORING!

Spice up your cloudy-day session with these great tips from a real shoot!

Sell your kit lens and get a 50mm 1.8. It will be the best decision you will EVER make when it comes to your photography. The 50mm is so versitle and many photographers swear by them.

The above image was taken with an 85mm 1.8- which is also a beautiful lens.

Put your camera on "CH" or "Continuous." That way you can take four or five photos within seconds of eachother. That way you can catch the little moments.

NEVER shoot AUTO- unless you have to. You have WAY more control over your photos if you shoot on Manual. But you need to know what to do!

In order to shoot manual- you need to know THREE things. Aperature- the opening of the lens, ISO- how dark your camera sees, and shutter speed- how fast you take a picture. I explain it all here on my blog:

With a PRIME lens- you can shoot as low as 1.8 (or lower if you have tons of money!). This is so important for getting your subject away from a drab background.

Raise your ISO a bit to account for being cloudy. I think I shot at ISO 200 or 400.

Lower your shutter speed a little to get more light in your image. I had my at 1/600 I think.

I will do anything for my clients to laugh and smile. I'll tell fart jokes or random embarrassing stories about my life.

I had Sam (above) take out her guitar and play for me a little. I love telling a different story in my images, then just headshots.

This truck was AWESOME! I already told Sam that I wanted to rent it for Christmas photos! What a fun color- plus they matched it!

I had them sit down and I shot down onto them.

I took pictures of the ripped jeans-so high school!

This has got to be one of my favorite photos of the day. I got her smiling and playing her violin.


Don't be bummed out by a cloudy day- embrace it and make it fun!


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