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Why you should hire a pro for your wedding!

Ever since Instagram became the greatest thing since sliced bread, people have been steering clear of paying $$$$ for a professional wedding photographer.

I have read blog after blog that says that "Wedding photography is something that is going to be replaced by phones." or "Don't waste your money on a good photographer, get a better dress."

Let me tell you, that 20 years down the road, Instagram photos will be a thing of the past or Facebook might have collapsed. 20 years down the road, you will want to show your kids (or grandkids) actual, professional photos of your wedding.

Instagram is a great tool, especially for photographers. But NEVER, I repeat, NEVER leave the documentation of your special day to it alone. The cheesy filters and the heavy grain is definitely not frame worthy! Plus, phones were never meant to replace professional level cameras!

Pay for a pro. Don't leave it up to your co-worker or your cousin's roomate's brother. It will matter later on! Pros are bound by a contract to get their work done well and in good time! Uncle Fred might take 12 months to get you 2,000 blurry photos on a USB stick unedited (true story!).

Pros understand candid moments are only something that you can get if you are fast, and not usually using flash. They understand how to use natural light to make everyone look great! Pros have a trained eye for a sweet moment, especially during weddings.

Details are an important part of your day! Your cousin's roomate might butcher them with their pop-up flash!

Pros are trained in knowing what lighting looks best on you! They always try to look for ways to make you smile!

Let's get real: weddings have horrible lighting sometimes. Only a pro brings the equipment to make your wedding seem beautiful, even in a dark place! Instagram won't be able to do that for you. Besides, your Uncle Fred don't know how to use creative off-camera lighting!

The wedding photographer will be your "secret weapon." They are always on-time and gets all the family together. They keep the schedule going, and keeps a list of the photos that you "must have." They know what event in the wedding is going to happen, even before your DJ does!

A good photographer gets you water or helps you move chairs. They are there to get the groomsmen, who have been drinking too much, to actually show up in a photo.

I LOVE weddings. They are so much fun, especially when the music is good and the food is great! I dance right along with everyone! I cry during the emotional parts and I sing during "I Like Big Butts and I Cannot Lie!"


A true pro will be there with you ALL day, capturing your little details and making sure that everything goes smoothly.

So don't ask your cousin's best friend's roomate's sister to capture the most important day of your life. I promise, you will wish you had hired a pro when you see the photos.



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