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How To Take Better Park Photos

I am at the park every week in the spring and summer. MOST of my children's photos are playing at the park!

Learn some of my favorite secrets on how to get better park photos!

One simple trick is to put your subject's back to the sun! It makes for softer shadows and a more even image!

Don't be afraid to get right up in your kid's face. Don't sit on a bench the whole time, taking photos with your phone- get up and be in there!

With a DSLR, shooting Manual (not auto), you can change the shutter speed to a higher one. And if you have a PRIME lens (like a 50mm or a 35mm) you can have really buttery backgrounds!

A prime lens (not a kit lens) will let you go down the aperture to 1.8 or above. I usually NEVER go above 3.5, unless I am trying to do a special effect!

Have your subject sneak up on you! It makes for really great "peeking" photos!

The first image is a little boring- you don't get your viewer right in there. Get closer, get dirty and get wet- all for the sake of a good photo.

Look down and look up to change the mood of the photo. I had my daughter lay in the grass and I shot over her!

The first photo was taking with choppy lighting. The shadows are cutting off my kid's faces. Plus it was crooked. The second even is more even-lighting (it was shot during a cloudy day.) If you don't have access to a cloudy day- look for SHADE! Or put your subject's back to the sun!

Don't be content with the first type of photo. Everyone has that one. Try to challenge yourself with the second kind of photo- where your viewer is right up in the image!



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