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Sandbridge Virginia Beach Family Photography- the Walker Family

I hate being late to sessions! Especially when my customers are EARLY! I felt a little frazzled as I got to beach and didn't have time to walk around like I normally do! EEK!

I also, just got my brand-new 58mm 1.4 lens, but the UV protective filter hadn't come in yet and I was shooting into the wind at the beach! Uh oh!

Not only was it four o'clock in the afternoon, but the wind was freezing! (Well, not for me, because I am 8 months preggo.) So I had a lot of things to think about when i was shooting! They also wanted to bring their beautiful dog of 13 years, last minute and of course I said, "YES!"

But this family was so pleasant to work with and we had a lot of fun, braving the wind and the cold together!

Be Blessed!


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