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Downtown Norfolk, Waterside, Hampton Roads, Lifestyle Senior Photographer- Noah's Senior Session

Noah and I work children's ministry at our church. I always run into his mom in the hallway. I was so excited when she asked me to do his senior photos. I did his sister's photos here over two years ago! I couldn't believe how time had flown.

When I was setting up the shoot with his mom, I asked her what Noah's favorite place was. I have shot seniors everywhere you can imagine! I have shot them at their school, at a soccer field, at a campground, the beach- you name it!

But Noah was different, he wanted to be at his favorite place- a local Norfolk bookstore. Prince Books was so accommodating to us and we really appreciate them letting us shoot there for 30 mins. or so. They also gave me WD-40 for my squeaky photography wagon wheels!

Before the shoot, I usually walk around to try to find some sweet spots. It just so happened that right near the bookstore, there were so many cool places!

Working with Noah was fun! I wish him the best at William and Mary in the fall!

Be Blessed!


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