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Noah Justice- Newborn Chesapeake Hospital Natural Light Photo Story

Noah was due May 5, 2016. On April 1, we go into the doctor's for a routine ultrasound and a checkup. She tells us that there is not enough fluid around Noah to have him go to full term.

On April 6, 2016, we go into the doctor's office again for another ultrasound. She tells us again that Noah's fluid is so low that I would have to be admitted that night! Oh no!

We were not prepared to hear this news. We had lined up babysitters to help during the actual due date. What were we going to do about our other two children? The baby would have to be born on a Thursday- such a random day to ask people to get off of work last minute to help out.

Thankfully, we had just got a car seat and some clothes a month before. We scrambled to try to find stay-at-home moms to help out with our other two kids, so that Andrew could be at the hospital with me. Two ladies from the church took a day to watch our kids (for like over 5 hours!)

We started to get emails about people from our church wanting to give meals. I was so relieved to know that we had a body of believers that could support us during such a last minute time!

My mother was able to take the kids for the weekend, which greatly helped me and Andrew stay at the hospital with the baby.

Everything started coming together.

The day of the emergency c-section at Chesapeake Regional Hospital was very stressful. Even though this would be my third c-section (my daughter was breach and my son wasn't dilating after 48 hours of labor) I sill felt so scared to have a HUGE needle in my back to be numbed and then be cut open on an operating table with ten doctors and nurses all around me, seeing me in "all my glory".

But even there- God was in the midst. The Dr.'s assistant happened to go to our church (which was kind of embarrassing because of having to see him every week. So did the ultrasound tech. The nurse that was holding my oxygen and was just recently engaged. Of course I gave her a business card (Andrew did) while I was in the middle of the operation (because that is the kind of hustle that I have).

I was also getting my tubes tied- which was a scary decision for me to make. But after three c-sections and very rough pregnancies, I knew that it would be rough to do all of this over again.

The surgery went well. The baby's breathing was short and the first day I could only hold him for 5 mins or less. I couldn't even feed him because of his breathing. That was a little scary. But I had over 200 people liking and commenting on my facebook page, saying that they were praying for me. soI felt really supported.

The first night was really rough- the baby had a hard time eating and figuring it all out. You would think that after the third baby, that I would be a pro at nursing- but I felt as if I had to start all over again.

Finally the doctor told me to supplement with formula because he wasn't gaining the weight needed.

After four days of being in the hospital, i was ready to see my other kids and I was tired of eating hospital food. But I am grateful for the teams of people to help me and Noah stay healthy and be monitored during this crazy time!


Having a third child was definitely a new experience for me! But praise God that everything worked together and that Noah is healthy and safe.


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