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I am "UNQUALIFIED," and I'm okay with it.

It's Tuesday. That means that my mother-in-law is off of work. She offered to take my oldest two munchkins out to a bounce house. Of course I said yes. Baby Noah was still in the hospital, being monitored for his heart rate. Therefore, my husband and I cherished the fact that we could get some errands done before we visit the baby around lunch time.

Before going to the hospital, Andrew and I went out for Indian food and had an interesting conversation.

He told me that he had been listening to a podcast of a well-known pastor from North Carolina called Steve Furtick. He leads Elevation Church, with membership in the thousands. In the podcast, Pastor Steve talks about one of his most humiliating, yet inspirational moments in his life.

After being a "successful" pastor of thousands, leader and author for many years, Pastor Steve could feel as if he had reach the top of his life. However, everything was turned upside down after hearing an interview from one of his former seminary professors.

The interviewer asked the professor, "What do you think about Steve Furtick?"

After a long pause, the professor shook his head and looked up and simply said, "Unqualified."

What a blow to everything that Pastor Steve had accomplished in his life-all the thousands that had come to know God through his ministry and book sales. All the millions watching on TV. What more did he have to do to prove that he had accomplished so much for God's kingdom?

Absolutely nothing.

That's right. Success in God's eyes is not based on popularity, education or looks. Success in God's eyes is simply being obedient to HIS call.


This really spoke to me. Technically I am unqualified to do what I do- being a self-taught photographer and business owner. You wouldn't believe how many times that I feel as if I have failed professionally, or letting a client down with their images. When I do a wedding, I am so scared that will trip and fall into the cake or something! I even passed out at a wedding-during the ceremony! I was mortified!

I am also unqualified to homeschool- I have ZERO experience with it. I went to public school my whole life. Yes, I might have the educational background to pass the state standards, but do I know how to really organize educational plans for now THREE kids for the rest of their life? What if I mess up and they don't go to a "good" college? What If they don't pass their state tests?

I'm unqualified to be the perfect mom, or the perfect pastor's wife, or the perfect anything.

You see, God doesn't call the "qualified." He qualifies the called. His approval is the only thing that matters.


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