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One Small Space, 21 Great Poses

Have you ever tried to take photos and then it starts to rain? I don't mean a little drizzle, I mean buckets of rain! What do you do?

Well, first of all, always have an umbrella with you, but secondly, be prepared to shoot in a very small space. Above, my model, Brianna, had only about 2 feet by 8 feet of space before the rain would be pouring down on her.

I had to make sure that all my poses could be done in that small space. I also wanted her to feel comfortable. I didn't want her to do any awkward poses. I wanted them to be natural- like she would be doing any of these poses naturally.

Here are some of my favorite poses that did with her in the very small amount of space. Some poses are similar- I only had her move her eyes, or her hand. But it's the little changes that make a pose different.

It's okay to make them really smile- I actually had to cuss to get her to smile like this!

When you are working in a small space, remember that walking up closer to them could change the whole mood of their photo.

Having them look down or to the side could change everything. Girls are especially fortunate that they are hair and jewelry to play with sometimes. Guys are a lot harder to pose in this example.

Hands in and out of pockets are a great tip- especially for those that are wearing pants/jeans.

I always have my client imagine a famous actor when they are looking off.

Sometimes a soft smile is best. Other times, a big smile does the trick.

Who says that you have to have a large space to take some great photos? Hopefully this will help you visualize some great poses the next time you have a small space.


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