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How to Photography: 5 Ways to Make a Child Interact on Camera

I had a photoshoot at a park recently. For children's portraits I have NO idea what to expect. Sometimes I bring balloons, sometimes I bring candy. It really depends on the kids and their families.

For this photoshoot, I promised bubbles. So of course I had to deliver. The little girl was only 5. So I brought fake flowers, coloring stuff, pom-poms balls, juice boxes, streamers and a blanket.

Honestly, I only used the bubbles. The little girl was so nervous at first. She was very clingy to mom and her big brother. How could I get her to smile?

After "warming up" with bubbles, I decided to have her make the decisions about what we do and go with the flow.

She LOVED holding brother's hand and taking a walk around the garden that we were in. I was constantly walking backwards to get this shot. I also backed into about 5 trees.

I love how she wanted to chase her big brother. Always make sure that safety is first and there is nothing on the ground for her to trip on! I was only using a 50mm the WHOLE time so I had to be fast- backing up and moving my camera. My shutter speed had to be at 1,000 or more!

At first, she only wanted to cuddle with mom. So I used that for some great pictures with her and her little girl. my favorite photos are the ones that it seams as if no one knows that I am taking the photo. That's why I always shoot fast and have my camera set to CH or continuous burst. I want to get the "in-between" moments.

I told her to give her big brother a "big hug." i love how this one turned out!

We started to get some great smiles through play in the beginning. Play helps to get the kids having fun and being comfortable with you as a person.


No one will interact with a boring session. Create moments of fun- coupled with smiles and tons of high-fives and compliments.

The best compliment you can ever get as a photographer is when a parent says to you, "They didn't even know that they were taking pictures- they were just having fun!"


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