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What I learned when I took MY OWN family photos

What do you do as a photographer when you want to take your own family photos?

Hire someone else to do it of course! What if that person you ask doesn't show up. After checking your phone, you realize that they canceled at 1 AM to a facebook message on your phone. UMM... So now you are at the place with your 5 year old, your two year old and your 1 month old. After 15 or so minutes you decide to grab your own camera and just go for it!

Luckily, I already had a camera and a tripod in my car (because that's the kind of person I am.)

After trying and struggling to get my son (2 years old) to smile, I realize that it's MUCH easier to take photos of other people's kids than my own! Haha!

So of course, I had to blog about my experience.

First of all, I knew that all my expectations had to go out the window! There was NO way that I could expect perfection with three grumpy kids.

Second of all, I had to always keep in mind that the experience for the kids was more important than getting the "right" shot. My son kept having meltdowns all throughout. So I kept having to stop our session to cuddle him. But, at least it made for some sweet pics.

My son was really grumpy. I think he really wanted to see the other lady that we had hired. Plus, his favorite blankie was in the car and it was snack time- oh it was the "end of the world!"

Like I said, meltdowns are a part of childhood. As a photographer, you have to learn how to shoot through that and just have a great attitude no matter what happens.

I totally had to bribe my kids with icecream to get this picture (above). I know some people don't like to do that, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

I know that my husband was pretty upset with the photographer bailing on us. We were going to pay them $75! My husband is so cheap and didn't want to pay someone of course! So I know that he didn't want to smile in the pictures. But we still had fun!

Even though, the photographer didn't show up, my son had a meltdown 1/2 way through and it was crazy taking our own pictures- at least we had a memory and some pictures with ME in them!


All the lessons I learned from my own shoot, I know that it helped me be a better photographer for someone else. Patience is the NUMBER one thing while working with children. Also, if the photographer is stressed, the parents are going to be even more stressed.

So learn to have FUN in the chaos!


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