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Chesapeake, VA Child and Family Photographer, "The C Family."

It all started in high school... Well, my husband's high school. My husband is from Virginia Beach and he attended youth group as a teenager.

Pastor Josh was his youth pastor. At 15, my husband heard the call for ministry.

15 years later, my husband is now a youth pastor in Greatbridge, Chesapeake.

Through the years I've been keeping in touch with various people through Facebook. And 2013, I connected with this family online and we met for dinner. They heard that I was a photographer and 2014 they asked me to take their photos.

Into thousand 15, I took Wendy's marketing photos for her thriving homemade soap business (

No it was 2016. Wendy connected with me on Facebook and asked me to once again take their family photos! I was so excited to check in with his family once again.

My family has grown since the last time we've seen each other. Now we have three kids too!

The Lord has been good to us all! Thank you so much for letting me follow your family through the years!


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