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Chesapeake, VA Child and Family Photographer, Baby W Newborn session

chesapeake_newborn _photographer

I was once again blessed by the this family! Not only did little "W" rocked his session. But Justin (the dad) jumped my car afterwords (because I was so excited about working with them that I left my lights on!)

After little "W" got to sleep (with the help of my wonderful assistant), he totally was asleep the whole time! It's too bad that it started to drizzle right before we were going to hop outside!

I have to laugh that I actually left one of my cameras and flashes at their house- look who is going to have to do another editing session this week! I know what you are thinking "Why would you leave your camera at someone's house?" Maybe because I have three kids now, or maybe lack of sleep with a one month old- haha!

Anyways, You guys were so sweet and thank you SOOOO much for helping me out today and letting us come and move ALL your furniture and make a huge mess to document little "W." You guys are the best!


Be blessed y'all and you guys were rockstars today!


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