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What this kitchen gadget and my five year old taught me about life.

I'm at the park (again.)

It's a beautiful day the sun is shining and I nobody's here. I was actually really surprised. Usually at this time of the year the parks are packed early in the morning. I noticed how my children just like to play and love to run and just discover new things. I noticed how my baby son just wanted to be in his baby carrier. I was happy (finally in a long time).

I stayed up way too late this week trying to get work done and trying to make things happen in my business.That's just the kind of person I am. Thinking that if I accomplish more, than it brings more fulfillment to my life.

I am constantly feeling like I need to get more done. That I need to do more & need to strive to do more.


Later, a couple days after the park, my daughter, who is five, comes to me in the morning while I'm still rubbing sleepys out of my eyes and holds up the kitchen gadget for steaming vegetables.

She says to me: "Mom, look!" And then she moves one of the pieces up and down on the basket. All the pieces move with it. "Mom, all of the pieces are connected."

Me: "Yes, baby."

Her: "It's kind of like us. We are all connected."


Here little idea struck me. Of course I had been feeling challenged this week. I was trying to do so much on my own strength and not realizing that my family, my church and my community are all a part of the puzzle that is my life. Just like the vegetable steamer, one of of the pieces is down, all the pieces go down. I've had a broken one before and believe me, it's annoying trying to get the veggies in and out with that one flap that won't cooperate.

So why do we strive to be so independent so much? We were made to work in community with God's people and everyone around us.


During my college years and early marriage I worked at a Christian daycamp for eight years. One of the leaders always said there's no "bad days" only growth days.

That phrase has just stuck with me through my life. It's one of the most cherished piece of advice that I've ever had.

There is no more bad days- only growth days.

No matter your situation, no matter how tough your day was, remember that every thing is a learning experience for growth and development.

Are you trying to be too independent? Are you trying to rely on your own strength sometimes? Just know that we were never meant as human beings to carry the weight of our life alone. We are all together.

Whatever stage in life you are in- no matter if it's a trial, a triumph or a test, just know that it's a moment to grow and learn.


Find peace and joy knowing that you aren't doing YOU alone.


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