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Stop Wasting Your MONEY on Expensive Presets Like Mastin Labs or VSCO!

How much money have you spent on presets like VSCO or mastin labs? OR are you drooling to try to get that film look, but you can't justify spending that much money?

Well, I am here to tell you that you shouldn't WASTE your money!

I have bought over 300 dollars on presets everywhere from etsy to VSCO to Mastin Labs. And I am telling you that it's NOT worth it!

First of all, check out my video on youtube about how I did this using my brand new SCREEN O Matic Pro software program (I am so legit now).

The most important thing to know is how to use the TONE CURVE. Here is a little blog post on how to move the point:

Secondly, adjust the contrast, the grain and the split tone to give your image a low contrast film look!

And that's about it! Stop buying expensive presets and instead use your money toward better gear!


Here are some before and after from using these simple steps.



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