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How to Graphic Design: Making a Simple Logo in Powerpoint

Illustrator can be so overwhelming especially when you are just starting out! I know that to the average person, owning an expensive program and learning it, is probably not a big priority!

Did you know that I started out on powerpoint before I even learned any adobe programs? They have some great features for people just starting out!


In this tutorial, I cover:

choosing the right colors and the right font. (Here is the link to download it:

putting the design together with other shapes and elements

Using a font as a vectorish graphic (boston traffic was the font, you can find it here:

Putting all the pieces together and saving them as a PNG

Adding it to a background as a PNG or a watermark:

Here is me doing it!


I would love to see what you do! Hashtag me on the following social media with your version!


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