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10 Ways to Have the Wedding Photos of Your Dreams

Congratulations! You are engaged!!! What an exciting adventure! My husband and I have been married since 2008. After many late nights, three kids and thousands of hours of raising a family together, we can tell you that the wedding will set the tone for your marriage in many ways.

There are so many things to do to get ready for a wedding. You have flights to schedule, family to herd all at once, deposits to pay, seating charts to make, cakes to taste....

Sometimes, photography gets put on the back burner.

As a pro, let me tell you a secret. After all the punch is drunk, after the dress is worn, after the decorations are thrown away, all that will be left is your wedding photos. So don't skimp and ask a friend's brother's cousin's sister in-law with a point-and-shoot. Or worse, somebody's selfie stick and an ipad.

Good photos take time and scheduling to get the right ones. Good photos can't be rushed.

But wait, I'm getting ahead of myself... why don't you just see the video below to see all of my pro tips.


If I went too fast in the video, then here are the notes:

A lot of weddings are scheduled for the "romantic" hours of right before sunset and into the evening. But Being a natural-light photographer, it really makes it hard for me to shoot great light and airy photos during the evening. If you like photos with a lot of flash, then having an evening wedding is best for you. But if you like photos to be a little more brighter and natural-looking, then doing a wedding at brunch or before 5 might be the best option for you.

Good photos take good planning. You can't expect art to happen in a rushed time-frame. Good photos happen with lots of schedule time. You want to schedule time for photos, especially with the bride and groom. You don't want to rush those because those are the ones that you will want to hang in your house.

You can't expect really great magazine-worthy photos at a moose lodge. If you can't afford a great location, then you need to get a separate photo location that is CLOSE to your ceremony and reception location.

A lot of couples are scared about seeing their groom or bride before the wedding- thinking that it's "bad luck." But I always recommend it for better photos. Most weddings that you see in bridal magazines all happen during the day time and 9/10 the couple decides on a "first look." Consider doing your photos before that way your guests aren't waiting around for FOREVER while you take your photos after the ceremony. Again, good photos take time!

The last thing you want to do is travel to FOUR different locations during your special day. A lot of things could happen. You really want the maximum number of photo opportunities by having less-travel time.

The "getting ready" photo time is where your detail photos can really shine! Those are the photos that your photographer will take of you ring, your dress, your shoes, the garter, the rings and anything you want to remember! Don't shy away from that time!

Some photographers will not want their clients to even have phones out during the wedding- thinking that they are imposing on the professional photos. But I am totally okay with technology at the wedding, as long as they don't impede on the best angle. Don't let "Uncle Bob" hop into my shot!

Don't be afraid to plan special events and dances into your reception. I've had several brides tell me that they don't have anything planned. It's makes it really difficult for me to take great phtos of everyone eating waffles for 2 hours!

If you have 30 cousins {I've had that happened to me twice), then you need to plan for that, or expect that not everyone can be in an individual shot with you, especially if you only give me 20 mins for family photos.

Don't worry about "perfection" during your wedding. Just have fun and relax!


Congrats again!


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