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Sandbridge, Virginia Beach Family Photo Session- The "H" Family


It all started on Google. That's where Amanda found me (Yeah for taking a SEO class and whooping it!). Then it was a Facebook message to my business page. Then we became "friends." Then the text messages started to come. We both started to brainstorm about little "T's" big six month shoot. The anticipation started to grow!

You don't realize how much planning and discussion it takes to plan a photoshoot for three people at the beach, because from the pictures we always look so put-together and organized. But as I always say- "Great pictures, don't just happen, you have to plan to make it happen."

That's what makes a good photosession just "click-" having all of the details ironed out before you come, so that way you can feel confident and self-assured when you get there. That way it leaves more room for fun and photos!


Amanda and Jason were so flexible and really great to give all of my crazy directions to!

I know, it always feels awkward at first to have some lady that you've never met tell you to cuddle and kiss your baby in a public beach! But you guys ROCKED it!


Little baby "T" was so sweet and cuddly! I could actually hear my four-month-old (my husband was there in the background with the kids), screaming the whole time. Oh, my life as a mom!

I brought a squeaky toy and an assistant with me to get him to smile! And I am so glad that I got to see it!

Could you tell that it was over 100 degrees today? Wow, it was HOT! But Amanda and the gang really pushed through and brought their sweet smiles for some amazing moments today!

Thank you for finding me on Google and thank you for letting me spend time you all!


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