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It all started with music. That's how we connected at our church. My husband is the youth pastor and teen worship team leader. That's how we met Ethan.

Ethan can just jump in a play, just about ANYthing we need him to. Ethan is one of those guys that is so polite and sweet, but yet very talented and humble.

His mom decided to shoot on Sunday, but wait.. the youth group would be having a pool party and the teen singing group would be having Ethan run sound that night? How can I watch three kids and get his photos in time before he had to leave that night? I had to recruit some help! Fortunately, I had friends come in from out-of-town and I basically said, "Sorry, you are watching my three kids for an hour, hope that's okay..."

Of course, the only time that we had to shoot was 2PM on a Sunday Afternoon in over 100 degree weather! Trying to find shade would be difficult. I spent most of the shoot dripping in sweat!

Getting Ethan to smile was a challenge for me, being a girl and being basically a "MOM," but he really did a great job looking fierce!

Ethan wants to hopefully get into Virginia Teach for next fall. He wants to study sound engineering! He is already the assistant sound tech at church, so he is interested in using what he has learned from that in the future!

We've known Ethan for three years now. He is such a great part of the church and the youth group praise team (which he leads!)

Best of luck to your future endeavors! I know God has great plans for you!


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