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Virginia Beach, Virginia, Red Wing Park Family, Anniversary and Baby Photo Session

It all started in Maryland in 2005. My husband and I were working at the same camp and he needed a host family to stay with. Kathy and Don (above 2nd and 3rd from the right) stepped right in to help! My husband stayed with them for several years, calling them his "spiritual family."

When my husband and I got married in 2008, they came and when my first born was in the hospital, they came to visit.

We've stayed in touch through the years, texting and Facebooking each other. We have enjoying watching each other's families grow.

I received a text last week, saying that the whole family (even included some from Richmond, VA) were all going to come down and visit one-another. They asked me if I was free to take pictures and of course I jumped at the chance!


Watch their slideshow below!

I was so afraid of it raining! I was checking the weather like crazy!

Little "C" was born only two months ago and so we just had to get some of mom and dad!

It was really difficult to get everyone on the hot bridge! I had to be up against a bush the whole time!

I love Red Wing Park! A lot of people get married or take pictures here! But the lighting was so pretty in the morning!

Luke is so big now! Geez! I knew him when he was five years old! I got him to laugh my telling my classic fart joke!

Nana and Papi (below) are almost celebrating 60 years of marriage!

Thank you so much for letting me catch up with you all! I had so much fun!


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