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Chesapeake, VA Chesapeake Arboretum Outdoor Children Lifestyle Session

So this is going to sound horrible. But I forgot about booking this session. Yup. Confession time. If it wasn't for mom emailing me the night before with a question and me saying, "CRAP!!!" Oh the joys of my google calendar getting erased!

My husband had just got done that morning from being UP ALL NIGHT from being at a teen lock in with his youth group (my husband's a youth pastor). So that was a fun conversation:

Me: So I have this photoshoot tomorrow at 9am.

Him: Okay.... well.. just drop the kids off at the church at 8:00 and I'll feed them pancakes. They'll help me clean up the church.

Woot! Yeah for free babysitting and a flexible husband!


This family won this shoot at our annual charity give-a-away in December for our church. I love meeting new families and connecting with them through my work.


Watch their slideshow below!

Thank you so much for letting me run around with you two! You guys rocked it!


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