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Sandbridge, Virginia Beach, Family Portrait Session Fall, Autumn, The "D" Family

It all started with an email to my website. This family was going to be on vacation very close to me and ask if I was free to do some family photos.

With it being a Tuesday, most people couldn't be able to get off of work and fight through traffic to get into Virginia Beach from Chesapeake to get to Sandbridge fast enough to shoot at 5. But luckily, my husband, being the big support he is, packed up everything in the car and we got our kids in the van by 4.

I usually always try to get to a location 30 mins. before, so that I can get set up and pre-visualize all of my shots. But of course luck was not on my side today.

It was the first day of school of course so we not only were stuck behind every single school bus from here to the beach, but all the traffic coming out of the schools was terrible.

I was so embarrassed to text Momma "D" that I would be late! That's the WORST!


Why was it so important for me to be on time? Well, because we (the family and I) had never met, except through email and facebook. I really wanted to make a great impression. Especially since the mom was a photographer!

Little known fact, Jen, the mom owns her own photographer business that I have been following without knowing her for over 6 years! WHAT? I had now idea that when I got an email from her, that it was Sapphire Skys Photography's owner. I have been following her since I lived in MD when I first started my business! Small world!


You can see their slideshow (above).


The weather was PERFECT! We had just gotten out of Hurricane Hermaine (How do you spell that? LOL) and it was a balmy 75 degrees with lots of breeze! Poor Jen, I always had to remind her that the wind was blowing the hair.. but it worked out beautifully!

Also, I felt so bad because the HORSE FLIES were TERRIBLE! They kept attacking us (How embarrassing!) But hopefully you can't tell by the photos!

OMG! The lighting at 5:30PM at Sandbridge was to die for! I was swooning. I was also over 2 feet in the water.

Oh, by the way, Jen is an allstar- her dress was a beautiful coral color that really fluttered in the breeze- but she still sat in the sand and got her feet wet- my hero!


Thank you so much for letting me spend time with you all today! I hope it was a great experience, horseflies and all!


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