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Pleasure House Point, Virginia Beach, Family Portrait Session Fall, Autumn, The "S" Family

I LOVE working with returning families! This is my third year working with this family. You can see little Megan's newborn photos here:

I am not going to lie. Today was a little crazy. With my husband in Virginia Beach for a guitar lesson and me watching the kids while also getting mentally prepared for this great family's photos.

You can see their slideshow here:

At first, while watching the kids before the "S" Family came. I started to see how coming to Pleasure House Point, though beautiful, had no beach area, like I had been promised. I was trying out a new location and this family was really flexible and really worked well together.

It was also a really HOT day! So we to had to stay mostly in the shade! But I am grateful because last time, we had to cancel.

Also, random factoid: We were going to do it at the Asian Pagoda in Norfolk, but it is one of the TOP spots for Pokemon Go players! So we had to really make do with getting a new spot that was close to them and my husband's music lesson.

I even started the session while baby carrying and watching my two other kids before my husband ran up to help me! It definitely takes a team effort to do this!

Thank you so much for letting me spend time with you all today! I hope it was a great experience!


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