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STOP Thinking Small

So my kids LOVE watching TV. It's a pretty rare occasion when they actually get to. They have to earn it, by doing their school time and reading time for the day. They usually earn it by the end of the day.


One their favorite shows is one that is called "Phineas and Ferb." It's about two kid geniuses that build amazing hard-to-believe machines. All at the same time, there is a subplot about a villian making machines that try to "take over the tri-state area." Not the world, the tri-state area. Why?

Well, in the cartoon in one of his flashbacks, the Villian, Dr. Doofenshmirtz, recounts how he was dating this girl in his younger years. During the date, young Doofenshmirtz tells her one of his dreams is to "take over the world." The girlfriend says nonchalantly in a typical high school cartoon squeaky voice, "Why take over the world? You should starts small and just try to take over the tri-state area."

So for the rest of his life, Doofenshmirtz tries and fails to take over the tri-state area after being foiled by a spy platypus. He never sees beyond that. All because someone told him to think small.


I don't ever want to "think small" about anything. I don't want to "think small" in my business. I don't want to "think small" in my parenting, and I definitely don't want to "think small" in my mission and vision for my life.


I remember in another moment of self-doubt. I remember feeling jealous that someone else that I knew wanted another photographer to take their family's photos. Not just any photographer, but one that I knew personally. OOOHH, I was so jealous. I was so jealous that I started to "think small" again. I kept thinking to myself, "I just want to be the number one photographer in town."

But God keeps reminding me that that's so small town compared to his plans for me. Me wanting or desiring to be the best photographer in my church or my town is such a small goal compared to his vision for my life. He doesn't want me to reach people in the "tri-state area," he wants me to reach people through my business for him in the world!

Once I started to have a different mentality toward my business and my goals, jealously stopped having a foot-hold. It stopped eating a part of my thoughts and my passion. Now, when I see someone using a photographer that is not me, especially if I know them and I have reached out for them, I have to just know that we were not the right fit together. I have to know that every single person has been placed in my path for a reason.


That's the reason as a business owner that I need to constantly put myself and my life out there. The best way for people to invest in my business is to invest in me as a person. How can someone call me- a newcomer to the area, over their best friend or someone that they have known forever?

They probably won't. That's why I can only reach the people that I am meant to reach. How can I reach new people? By thinking outside of the box. Some ways I do this is through volunteering my services through non-profits, giving away shoots at church fundraisers and constantly making real connections with people all over the area.


No matter what stage you are in, whether it be in your family, your business or your dreams, just remember to think big, but appreciate the small steps that make up your journey. Know that everyday, every post, every photo, every blog could affect different people in different ways. Each post might be meant for a specific person going through a specific situation.

Don't despise the little things. Everything comes from smallness. From the small tomato, to a might oak. All something needs to grow is nourishment, time and love. Maturity takes time and patience. You wouldn't just pick something right from the vine before it's ready, red and ripe. So don't rush. Take your time. Be patient. Grow. And when you are growing, join someone else on their journey. Be a mentor to them and show them how to grow. Your life will be richer from it.


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