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How to photography: iphone photos 101

My husband just bought me flowers. So of course, what does any photographer do? Challenge myself to think outside the box and take photos of them, not using my professional gear, but using my IPHONE!

I discovered really quickly how an iphone is limited. But with the right lighting and some creativity, you can have great results!

See my video here:

Lighting is the number one way for your photos to look amazing. Use a natural window lighting source if possible. Or, if you are in the dark like me, use a creative lighting source that is white. For example: fluorescent lighting, LED light or video light.

Put your image to one side of the frame. That way there is space for your subject's eye to rest. It also draws them into your focal point. Plus, you can also write text on the side.

Use a plain or neutral background if possible.

Using an editing app like VSCO, lightroom mobile or others can really enhance your work!


Christal Marshall

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