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How to Photography: Pro Photos On a Budget

So I've been taking this amazing class on creative live called "Working with Flash." See it here for only $44 ( . Of course, you can just do FREE youtube videos all days, but it's good to have consistent information.

One thing that has been fascinating to me is how one can manipulate light! Light is such an amazing medium. And I feel like a light-bender now! Now I see how light is everywhere.

This was such a revelation for me because it seems that in order to take AWESOME photos, you need an AWESOME $5k camera and an awesome $2k lens. That's not necessarily true.

It's all about lighting and how it looks and feels on the subject that makes it appear "professional."

Here, watch my video talking about it:

Getting a simple reflector for $10 (like this one on Amazon): and a simple flash or speedlight, like this generic one for $35 here, will make such a difference in your photos!

Practice, practice, practice. It's about honing your craft. Don't give up the first time you do something, like these images:

this is what my images looked like at first! It's all about finding the right balance of your settings in manual mode. If you don't know manual mode, put your camera on "portrait" or "A" priority mode and set it to 2.8, the camera will do the rest.

As you can see, I got more creative with the angles and shots as I progressed!


Christal Marshall

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