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Rockville Maryland Wedding Photography Christmas Photography- Joel and Emily. Red, wine, burgundy, s

If there were three words to describe this wedding. It would be simple, beautiful and Christ-filled.

Joel and Emily were awesome to work with during their engagement session, (see it here:) I just knew that their wedding would be even more exciting!

On a chilly December day, 15 days before Christmas, Emily and Joel vow to love each other forever in front of their closest family and friends.

I got teary-eyed just watching them say their vows. It brought me back to when I was married in 2008. Our wedding was simple and in the church that I grew up in as a teen. We didn't have a fancy DJ or even dancing, (because renting the church would have been more expensive for later hours!) but we still had a great time!

Emily and Joel's was filled with hugs, love and even a face-painting surprise!

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Thank you all those that helped Joel and Emily organize this event. Your efforts have paid off, because everyone pitched-in and worked together to make a beautiful wedding!


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