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HOW TO Take "Rainy" Romantic Pictures

HOW TO Take Romantic Night Snow Pictures

I wanted to experiment with an idea that I've had for a while in my head. I see shots like this all the time on pinterest and I never knew how to do it.. until I tried it!

You don't really need much special equipment that is over expensive (except if you count your camera LOL).

All you need is a spray bottle (and someone to spray the bottle)

A tripod for your camera

an umbrella (white works best)

a light stand (or some type of stand or someone or hold a light)

and a LED light, video light or flash (with a remote) (if you are more advanced) .


How you do it:

1. Put the camera on a tripod or stand (tripod is highly recommend since you will be outside in the elements.

2. Put the Camera on the "A" or "AV" (for you Canonites out there)

3. Put your aperture at 3.5 or below if possible.

4. Put your ISO to AUTO

5. Put your focus on your subject...

6. Make sure that flash or light is going!

7. Play around with the spray pattern. Try to get a large sprayer with big drops. Take a picture and see how it looks with the umbrella in different positions.

It takes practice and LOTS of just doing it over and over again... (especially if you are doing this with a timer because it was just us!)


Our Favorite Images:

Little behind the scenes HAHA!

HOW TO Take Romantic Night Snow Pictures

Let me see your shots! Tag me @chicamarsh on Instagram!

HOW TO Take Romantic Night Snow Pictures


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