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HOW TO Take Sparkler Photos

I wanted to experiment with an idea that I've had for a while in my head. I see shots like this all the time on pinterest and I never knew how to do it.. until I tried it!

You don't really need much special equipment that is over expensive (except if you count your camera and a tripod LOL).

All you need is:

A tripod for your camera



How you do it:

1. Put the camera on a tripod or stand (tripod is highly recommend since you will be outside in the elements.

2. Put the Camera on the "A" or "AV" (for you Canonites out there)

3. Put your aperture at 3.5 or below if possible.

4. Put your ISO to AUTO

5. Put your focus on your subject as good as possible. ( you might want to hold there LIT sparklers at their faces to get the right focus.

6. put your shutter speed to 5 seconds or lower! (you might want to learn how to change the shutter on your camera manually.

7. Play around with the sparklers. It might take you a few times to get it!

You can do different things with them. If you have an assistant or a random person, you can just have them around the couple !


Our Favorite Images:

HOW TO Take Romantic Night Snow Pictures


You can also just hold the sparklers in front of your lens to get this effect:

Let me see your shots! Tag me @chicamarsh on Instagram!

HOW TO Take Romantic Night Snow Pictures


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