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Worst Case Scenario Wedding Photography

Worst Case Scenario Wedding Photography

over 60,000 wedding professionals were asked all over the country and world to spill the beans about their most mortifying wedding moments.

If you prefer to watch my video below talking about my favorite top stories, you can do that here:


True story NO. 1:

Photographer passes out in the middle of the ceremony and falls into the uncle.

Lesson Learned: never shoot by yourself


True story No. 2:

The photographer only had one brand new camera to shoot the wedding. But the mirror falls out in the insides of the camera. Then she tries to glue it with elmer's glue and her camera starts smoking! Then she has to borrow a random camera from the DJ.

Lesson Learned:

Never bring only ONE camera to a wedding.


True Story No. 3: A photographer only had ONE memory card slot in their camera! But all of their portrait got "fried" or lost... with no recovery

Lesson Learned: Only get cameras that have TWO memory card slots!


True Story No. 4: During the first dance, the camera dropped and became broken from a loose camera strap. The photographer had to get out a secondary camera right there and keep shooting!

Lesson Learned: Check your strap and have another camera!


True Story No. 5: Pants ripping, button snapping, and having wardrobe malfunctions in general

Lesson Learned: wear professional clothes that are flexible enough to do your job. Bring a change of clothes would be helpful!


True Story No. 6: Dropping wedding rings down an air vent in a hotel! They had to talk to the manager of the hotel to open up the air vents!

Lesson Learned: be very careful and be aware of surroundings.


True Story No. 7: Light stand fell into the wedding cake!

Lesson Learned: Put lights in the very back and with SAND BAGS!


Don't let these moments happen to you!




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