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Don't Look at the Pins: Life Lessons From the Bowling Alley. VLOG

Failure is my Best Friend

So this week was my husband and I's ninth year anniversary. Instead of a romantic dinner, we just went out and went on a bowling trip. He got me some pretty sweet custom shoes.

Only problem is: I suck at bowling. Like I think my average is only 65. My husbands average is about 120. It got so bad, that way I had to talk to the manager and to see if he can put up the bumpers for me. He told me straight to my face, "We only put bumpers up for kids 10 and under." I definitely wasn't 10 and under.

He saw my concern and told me a secret from 40 years of owning the bowling alley. I thought he was going to say something really complicated like, "Use this specific technique" or "Practice this foot trick." But he did it and he said something I'll never forget. It was so simple that I can't believe I've never done it before. He said, "Don't look at the pins." I had never heard this before. He continued, "Look at the arrows on the floor." I could not believe my ears. There's no way that this would work.

So I took my stance and started to bowl. I did exactly what he said and lo and behold I got my first spare. No way. At the end of the time, I ended my game with 94. I know it sounds pretty pathetic still but this is one of the highest scores I've ever gotten. Ever.

as I was bowling the next game, I thought about how this sounds like a really good life lesson. How I was so concerned with my husband's score, beating him, but I never thought about the little steps that will take me there.

So it is sometimes with life. We get so concerned with the end product and the destination that we forget to enjoy and take time on the little things that will get us there.

It was a mom of three I am always thinking about how many more years I need to be doing this. Think about how many more years it's going to be before they can drive and get out of my house. How many more years it's going to be until they leave for college so I can have my space! But I forget sometimes to enjoy the journey. I forget that it's the little moments that they are going to remember for the rest of their lives. The little moments of talking, cuddling, going places, and having adventures. They aren't going to think about growing up they're just going to enjoy the moment

So there's a little life lesson for you. Don't look at the pins, the score, the end-product. Don't concentrate on them. Don't base your life on them. Think about the little successes and the little steps now and enjoy the journey.




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