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8 Reasons to Hire a Pro Photographer

Tempted to go to JCPENNEY, TARGET or SEARS or even (gasp**) PICTURE PEOPLE to document your family's milestones?

Hopefully, after watching the video below or reading the blog, you'll never step foot into a TARGET Studio again!


Here is a little behind the scenes of what we did!

Number 1:

Hiring a pro will give you more time!

Most sessions at a mall studio will be 20 minutes max. If you have little kids, like I do, then it takes 20 minutes to even warm up to a new person- much less acting and looking the best!


Number 2:

A session with a pro photographer will give you more options.

At the "canned" studios, you usually only get to pick from limited options and a tiny space to take photos!

Custom photography usually has the great outdoors as their studio! You can do the beach, the farm, the baseball field, the local grafitti district- the world is your oyster!


Number 3:

A pro photographer will get you to smile and act naturally with lots of space to "be yourself"

Being rushed in an uncomfortable studio in the middle of Target might not be the best way to laugh, have fun and just let go!


Number 4:

Pro photographers know how to make you feel comfortable

A custom session usually means a custom location that is special to you: whether it be the comfort of your own home, or at a location that is special to you and your family!


Number 5:

You will get WAY more shots and images to choose from

No more being disappointed in the two poses that came with your print package from sears, a custom session will let you look through dozens or even hundreds of images, you won't be able to pick favorites!


Number 6:

You have more creativity with your photos.

Want some fantasy looking photos in the middle of the woods- there are pros that do that. Do you want a night-time shoot in the middle of a football stadium- yup. Sears only gives you limited options!


Number 7:

Your pro photographer will be a member of your family.

I love getting to know my clients and I love having them enter my life as a extension of my family. It's an honor and privilege to be chosen to document their precious moments.


Number 8:

You will get timeless images that are hand created and made with love.

You won't just get a photo- you will get custom art to hang in your home featuring your family and loved ones to cherish forever!


So if you want a custom experience from an artist that cares about you and wants to be part of your family, then booking your session with a pro-photography (like me) is what you need to do before it's too late!

Just remember that life is too short to document a life on a phone!



Marshall Arts Studio is a Photography and Graphic Design Team in Chesapeake, VA.

We serve families, students and couples with amazing images that will be cherished forever. We would love to work with you! Contact us below to get in touch with us!

Also, 10% of our proceeds goes to building fresh water wells in South East Asia through our Water. Life. Love. Project. Check out the details here:



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