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Suffolk Wedding Photographer | Marshall Arts Studio | Wedding Videography | Sarah and Thomas

I was so blessed to be apart of this amazing wedding. After a week of being scared from possible hurricane damage from Florence, so many people contacted the Bride and Groom about last minute changes all the way up until the day of.

I was even afraid that I was not going to be able to drive in high floods to their wedding.

Fortunately, there was only light sprinkles during the reception and overcast during the ceremony.

I was so impressed with everyone's amazing attitudes, even after all the last minute changes.


The wedding was so many little details that were significant to the family.

The wedding was held at the bride's child-hood home. She got ready in the room that she grew up with. The arbor was hand built by the father- with the trees from a special relative that has passed recently.

The mother hand-made the cake and hand-placed the rice butterflies on top. The DJ was the groom's best friend.

The piano that the rings were on top of was the grandmother's piano.

The hair and makeup artist drove up from South Carolina to transform the bride and the bridesmaids for the wedding day.


I was honored to be apart of this family's story and start of something new.

This was the story about how they met:

We meet in October of 2009 when i went to visit a friend at ODU in Norfolk and we went to go get food at IHop and met up with some of his friends and that was the into to us first meeting then we reconnected when i went to pick her up as a surprise for his birthday after he moved to Myrtle beach with me because he missed his friends and she was the only one who could come so we reconnected during an 18 hour car drive which should have only been 5 hours.

Here is the story of their proposal:

So I have been honestly have been thinking about if I should post these or not. What a lot of people do not know I have an extreme nerdy side to me. I love comic books and video games. I normally keep that from people because I have always been instantly judged for it. It has cost me clients in the past. So 2017 now in full swing one of the things I told my self is I'm going to break out of my shell more. So on November 6, 2016 I got engaged to the most amazing women in my life (sorry mom)! What started out as her getting surprised with a dress from the 2014 Live Action Cinderella Movie from Tavariel Design. Sarah has been nothing but in love with that movie since we saw it on our first date. Being the Cosplayer that she is I knew she would love this dress. Custom designed to fit her perfectly she choose to wait til Nekocon 2016 to wear it. Being in Hampton Roads area i figured since it is the first time you are wearing it why not have our good friends AprilAnn Dais from Fixation Images and Justin Cotterell from Electric Sleep Images do a photo shoot of you in the dress? Loving this idea she went along. Little did she know I had other plans. I had my friends at Echoes of Time Costumes & Vintage to mail a Price Charming Costume from the same movie that they had gotten in. This allowed me to hide it from her. The day came and I "happened" to have a work phone call that was at the same time everyone wanted to start the photo shoot. As they took her around I ran up to the car got dress and snuck up behind to give her the fairy tale proposal she could only dream of. I have finally come to realize that you can not hide who you are. If people want to judge or attempt to bully me on the fact that i did something that would make her uncontrollably happy then, that is a person i do not need to do business with or associate myself with. So this is my story! This is to a new year and to the next stage of my life. If you read all of this I am sorry but i hope you enjoyed this story.

Jordan Holtz (DJ) Victor De Leon (Hair Dresser and makeup) Vicki Lyn Michael's Jewelers (Bride's Rings Myrtle Beach)


I was so blessed and honored to be asked to hang out with this couple. Have a wonderful life together!

- Christal Marshall


Christal Marshall is a mom of three, photographer, videographer, homeschooler and just a straight hustler.

She was voted top 20 wedding photographers in VA in 2016 and 2018. She has been featured over 40 times in various different publications.

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