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All of your shoots or weddings cancelled because of Quarantine? Here are some tips to make it up.

Start booking for next year and take deposits.

Really push that a lot of events are being postponed until next year and so get on top of the curve and start marketing toward your brides and couples.


Contact each one of your brides and shoots coming up and ask them to reschedule and not cancel- so that their deposits can still get you through the next season


Be creative and start creating online Facebook groups or communicate through other Facebook groups about hosting online webinars or virtual bridal shows to get started on your booking!


Even if you’re not shooting you can still feature your products, your services and your latest work to get people excited


Get your social media rolling with consistent daily helpful posts and logging weekly about tips and tricks.


Start going live on Facebook talking about helpful topics or tips so that your audience still knows you are around


Interview one of your past brides on zoom in screen record it for your audience so that they can see what it’s like to work with a real couple during a hectic wedding day


Interview other couples or families on Zoom that are newly engaged and ask them real questions that could help people know what to expect about planning their wedding day


Interview a florist, a DJ, a wedding planner or a venue owner just to get a different perspective on their work for possible future bookings!

Redesign your website and start re-branding in this time of waiting


Start practicing skills in educating yourself on different techniques and methods before you get started on another season of weddings


Practice on your product shots in your home- get some rings from the thrift store, get some flowers and get some fake wedding invitations from Walmart and start practicing some detail photos.

have a friend make you a cake and your whole cake Photoshoot.


Grab a dress from the thrift store and practice dress shots.


Go location scouting for potential engagement photo shoot places for the future.


Start saving up for a possible gear or look into renting the gear that you might need for the future.

Practice using off-camera flash and testing different lighting areas inside your home or in someone else’s home so that you can practice getting great images and low lighting

(See more about gear I use here: Virginiaphotos&films | Post)


Hopefully this gets you going on some creative Quarantine friendly posts and social media content to keep your followers interested and contacting you as soon as all of this blows over!


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