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Asked to do a vendor event or a showcase and not sure what to do?

📣So you're asked to do some kind of showcase or vendor fair as a small business owner.

What kind of things can you do with your table to make people really stop and talk to you and get their information?

✅Some suggestions are:

💪having some kind of giveaway basket with supplies and high ticket items that they can raffle off-they have to sign up their name, email and phone number.

💪You can have something interactive, like, “try my new thing,” “try my new lotion samples.” If You're a certain kind of vendor.

💪 sign up for a giveaway.

💪Have QR codes that people can scan and immediately follow your page

❤️you can have them share about you online

❤️you have them share a story about you.

❤️Maybe more points to win a certain contest, certain number of entries that they have liked your page.

✅You want it to be as interactive as possible - I've had with a ring light there, with a little photo booth station that you can just download a photo booth app for free!

❤️Because you want to get as many likes followers and email collection as possible

❤️you want them to go past your booth and stay more than a minute.

💪You don't want them to just pass by and be like, “oh, that's cool” - you want it to be interactive and fun!

💪You want to collect information and you want to really connect with your clients!

Because that is maybe the only time they talk to you and if you're a fun and interactive Booth, then they're going to want to work with you and be like “oh I met this girl, she was amazing.”
“She wore a silly hat” or “She wore a silly shirt.”

“We tried her thing. It was amazing. It smelled amazing.”

“I have a goodie bag that I brought home.”

📣📣So those are my Pro tips. If you're asked to do a showcase, Or some type of vendor event.


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