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Can’t I just DIY or use FIVERR for my branding and logo?

You might want to cut corners and save costs in the early stages of starting a business by just going online and finding a cheap logo designing app or even asking FIVERR to do it.

But believe me after 10 years of graphic design I hear so many different complaints from people that want me to redo their logo or vectorize it and of course they have to pay me (on top of the cost they already paid to get it initially designed!)

Some of the questions or comments I always hear are:

✅ Q: Why is custom design work so expensive?

📣A: Custom work takes HOURS by hand to draw, revise and use your specific color schemes and branding.

We also think through large and vector formats to make sure that it can be blown up the size of a billboard and not lose resolution

✅Q:I just just make a logo for free using this app...

📣A: those apps may seem like they’re going to save you time but if you try to put that image on a shirt or the side of your work vehicle, it might not be in the right format or resolution size. Then you will have to pay a professional to vectorize it and cost more money!

✅Q: I already paid $50 for someone on fiverr to do it.. can I use that?

📣A: A lot of these cheap companies reuse the same logo format over and over again so nothing is truly custom to your brand or vision! So it might be difficult to trademark your logo if it’s done by a stock company!


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