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Create fun and festive stop motion videos for magical food and product content

This holiday season- create fun and festive stop motion videos using simple tools!

I was able to use programs like the Nikon Snap Bridge app ( ) to shoot remotely from my Nikon Z6 held by a basic tripod. (Having a tripod or even a still image is so important!)

Here is a cheap one online:

To the left, I had a Godox ad-200 with a 2 feet beauty dish and a white bounce board on the opposite side from Home Depot. (You can also use a window light or video light!)

Link to flash:

Link to soft box:

Link to light stand:

Link to adapter for light:

Link to remote:

Link to video light: GVM LED Video Light CRI97+ with...

Link to video light diffuser: Glow EZ Lock Collapsible Silver...


On the shelf- I got a bunch of props from the dollar tree, real cinnamon sticks, spices and candy canes

I was able to download all the photos via wifi and send them to Lightroom mobile for editing and color correction (

After that, each photo had to be dropped into my favorite video editor: video leap

to create the illusion of going fast! (I sped up the images to like .1 seconds in between)

You can also do this the old fashioned way downloading all the images to your computer- if you do not have a video editor software, I highly recommend the free online tool


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