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Editing over 400 photos in Lightroom classic and making the black and white and 30 seconds

The classy look of black and White photos?

Can’t Decide which ones to make black and white for your clients?

You shouldn’t ever have to pick and choose!

Give all of your photos that black and white look with this quick 30 second time saving hack

🎂Don't know where to start your PHOTOGRAPHY


After 11+ of journaling my ENTIRE process, I'm ready to share my secrets

✅the package is a value

of 300$-but on sale NOW for 50% off! with code “startmybiz” at checkout

❤️I've shot over 55+ weddings, earning over 5 different awards and been featured over 70+ times in online mags all over the world

✅Don't believe that I have been a self-taught homeschool mom and STILL grow my business?

💻From my social media strategy to my editing tips, to learn how to file your paperwork- it's all here!

All of my coaching tips in one place

✅>> Get over 30+ blogs- written over 11 years of experience in shooting, getting clients, making making your contracts and all the apps that I use for online content.

✅>> get my exact gear lists of what I shoot with DAILY in my home studio

✅>> know what you need to bring to every wedding BEFORE you get booked for one.

✅>> gain access to my favorite website building tips, SEO tricks, exposure triangle, getting a market base and more

❤️watch me explain my secrets

with actual stories, client accounts

and tricks that I use on a daily basis to run FOUR full time businesses

Also, included is my 150+ page ebook with full access to my marketing strategy!


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