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How to do elephant toothpaste, stem kids science experiment- Home school and camp ideas

We had so much fun with this experiment for our homeschool science project; Elephant Toothpaste!

✅we got a 16 ounce plastic

soda bottle, or the bubbly water,

✅half cup hydrogen peroxide.

We got ours, 3% solution, which should be a little bit less of a reaction but that's all we could find at the time- or you can get a 6 percent solution at a local drugstore

✅get a tablespoon of dry yeast for each bottle

✅three tablespoons of warm water

✅in a separate container: liquid dish, soap, and food coloring

📣Make sure you have an adult pour  the hydrogen  peroxide into the bottles

✅- add drops of your  favorite food coloring at a tablespoon of liquid dish, soap and mix it well to the peroxide in the clear bottles

✅in a separate small cup combine: The warm water and the yeast  together for about 30 seconds

✅and then you're going to pour all that into the funnel to watch the foaminess  began-

❌but watch out. Could get very hot. So make sure that you wait a couple of minutes before you let your little ones in there and wear gloves and goggles.

✅And, of course, my older kids wanted to just play with the soap solution and make a mess and throw it all over our yard. So happy Sciencing!

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