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How to find photography clients without paying for ads

In 2011, when I came into the Hampton Roads Area- I knew no one!

Instead of paying for ads- I got busy being seen in places I was already going- for you- that could be your school, your soccer club, your kids’ ballet club.

Have your camera and your business logo shirt on at all times. Have cards on you at all times.

Be Social on Socia media- friend everyone you see around you online. Ask for their contact info. Invite them to your business page.

Post helpful content weekly- go live, write blogs and start being an expert in your field so that all your friends and community will see you at the top of their minds when they are talking to their friends.

Learn to be busy all year-creating passive income streams, and looking for the ebbs and flows of the seasons of photography.

Want to have money coming in all year? Learn how to create content all year by seeing what people are wanting in your area!

In short- Create community, build a following organically, be a marketing ninja by being seen constantly so that you don’t even need to do ads- people will just text YOU directly!




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