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Instant and cheap photography trick

instant and cheap photography hack
instant and cheap photography hack

INSTANT cheap photography trick (that’s photoshop free!)

Want to spice up your photography or videography?

There are so many ways with mirrors, prisms, crystal balls or led lights, you can create amazing images on the cheap (see my blog post here)

Let me tell you my #1 photography tool that I bring to every wedding, especially when there are sparklers, hanging lights, glow sticks, led lights or other interesting light sources around.

Can you believe that I am using a $9 2 inch copper pipe from your local hard ware store?

I am literally holding it up to my lens and bending the light around the pipe as I see lights around me on the dance floor or around me.

I love that it’s battery free and something that I can throw it in my hip pouch during a wedding (yes, I wear a hip pouch for weddings, don’t judge me)

I love being able to instantly change the look of my photo with little to no effort at all and deliver fast images and sneak peeks to the client without spending HOURS in photoshop to change my photos to do a similar effect.

Do you have a cheap photography hack? We would love to hear from you on your favorite one! Comment below on some ideas that you would like to guest blog about here.

She lives, breathes and does media and marketing pretty much 24-7 for over 14 local businesses through social media

management, website design, photo, video or media coverage or graphic design.

She is a homeschool mom of three, cat lover, sushi eater and poke fan!

She started her business in 2011 with nothing but a $400 camera from Amazon, now she is has been published in over 60 different blogs and websites for her media work and rank top Wedding Photographer in Virginia Beach.


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