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Is your kid getting frustrated doing homework or school?listen to this Homeschooling tip!

Hello. Christal Marshall homeschool Mama of three!

📕been doing homeschooling it for ten plus years.

So let me tell you a great thing that Epiphany that I had after doing this for so many years trying to teach your kids New skills.

It Might seem like you're hitting against the wall. They can't get it. The frustration level is there. They want to quit-  they’re breaking pencils or throwing books against the wall.

I've seen it. I know exactly what you're going through.

Okay, so obviously new skills with your kids.

If it's an immediate, yes-

  • Usually, it's because it's been fun.

  • It connects to something,

  • it relates to something that they love and it's possibly easy.

If it's an immediate “no,”

  • it might be too hard. There's no connection,

  • no interest.

If they continue to do that, they will go into frustration level and theywill stop there.

They will not want to learn.

They will be a block mentally.

Sometimes I take a break knowing that there's frustration, I go back to do something that's fun. I try to Connect it. I try to make it relatable and easy.

Then- they're usually ready to get a new skill.

Now, a lot of people just go here. They stop.

They get frustrated, they’re kids are throwing stuff once they go to the new skill and it's a “yes,” because it's fun or Connects, or, relatable, or easy-they can get that new skill,


the highest level of being able to get that new skill is being excited about it teaching others about the skill.

So if you see that your kid is an immediate, “no,” change it up.

Try to connect it to something fun. Watch a YouTube video- Have them play Legos. Have them run around outside. Make it relatable, make it easy. Do lots of positive reinforcement to make sure that they can get the skills they need in a loving / kind way because we don't want it to end up frustration.

Frustration overtime becomes a loss of learning! And eventually turns into the lack of love for the Wonder and the magic of learning and we don't want that!

We want them to be excited and teach others.

That's the ultimate goal because that is a life Lesson that you can have in your 40s, 50s 60s-having a love of learning.


as long as we're making our skills fun -relatable and easy, They'll be excited and teach others!

Real life story that’s a practical example In my daily life as a home school mom.

So, for the longest time, my kids have just crushed it in math. I don't know what it is with their mind - but they're connecting pieces faster and faster. 2 plus 2, always equals 4. It's very cut and dry it for them.

English and writing have always been a struggle because there's so many silent letters. So many different rules. so many different things. There’s just so much to remember.

And so, frustration level has happened with writing and reading consistently with my kids.

And so today, my after having another frustrating week with my 5th grader, who literally just breaks pencils and rips Pages because the writing is just not there.

Being a homeschool Mom, I'm not stressed out about it -if he's not “grade level” because I don't really believe in all that. I believe that every kid  has Potential to learn however, long it takes. I'm going to be there for him.

I am going to encourage him and Coach him on.

Well, my daughter who went through that phase is now is 8th to 9th grade.  she's coaching him and telling him all the tools that she was using- like dictating things. She coached him how to write m and what to do. She pulled out a journal, giving him prompts to write about something that he would enjoy.

They sat in the room laughing and talking for 45 minutes about English and writing and how to spell this and that. It was just such a beautiful moment to watch-and see the growth.

She’s teaching him skills.

It was such a parent win for me because I didn't push it on her. I didn't force them. I did a lot of positive reinforcement, saying , “let's try this new thing.” “Let's try this new book.

“Let's write about what you love.”

“Let's use some tools that you have…”

It was a win for me to see them working together.

This is an encouragement for you all.

If you have some frustration with your kids, Try going back to the beginning. Try new things. Flip the lesson.

That’s the beauty of homeschooling- that you can do whatever they want at their Pace.

Let’s learn these life lessons- Let's solve the problem. Let's make sure that we're pushing through and not having the attitude of “I give up.”

Let's have the attitude of “I can do it.”

Let's have the attitude of growth.

I'm telling you- this is a mindset shift that we need to have with our kids that no matter what-The problem is in their life, they can figure it out.

They can use tools!

Thus mind rest is something that our generation needs help with!

They need to learn how to push through- that  It's not just about learning the content and learning the skills.

It's about the mindset of “I can do it.”

“I can just come back later…” and “ I might be frustrated now…” but “I can come back to it later because I'll learn more.” “I can do it-“

That’s the positive reinforcement that is so needed.

There's a real story of how I kind of use this mindset shift with my kids.

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