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Learn my wedding photo biz secrets: what I take to every wedding after shooting 60+

So, I was asked this year by a budding photographer. I've shot over 55 plus -60 (I don't even know) countless weddings over the last 12 years- What should I bring to a wedding? that's not related to camera gear memory cards or straps or, you know, battery charger….

And I would say, get a fanny pack, be the most uncool person in the room because you have memory cards on you, you have everything on you, you have your phone on you, you have Extra batteries on you.

See an affordable option here:

Everything is on you because as you move from place to place to place to place, you need to have everything on your person. You don't want to be leaving memory cards in a room.

You don't want to be leaving a flash. Whatever. If you can get some type of like large larger hip sling, that you can carry a lens or a external flash, even better

Have a name tag, make a name tag from Vistaprint ( or something like that. And get a really Nice lanyard. So you look official.

Then people know your name and you look like you know what you're doing and that you're from a company.

Have business cards ( on you all the time. Like literally every person you meet pass out a business card to every table that you go to shoot “you can download these photos email me this week, I'll send you some sneak peeks.” “Be the first my mailing list this week to see the album,” and that way you get all those people on your mailing list but - just by passing out cards.

Free marketing!

I would pass out like, hundred 200 cards, every single wedding.

Always have protein bars with you because especially if you're low sugar, especially if you pass out at weddings, like I tend to do- or blackout always stay hydrated. I have your electrolytes up at all times, protein powder, and a little pouch. whatever so you can put in a water bottle.

Because you never know when you're gonna be able to eat next.

Comfy shoes are a must I'm having some insoles in them. You're going to be on your feet 12, 14 hours, need to have long-term energy.

If you wear contacts, eyedrops, very important.

Extra pair of glasses is very important.

Just in case Hair ties, important especially the girls with long hair because you get hot.

Do you have deodorant ? It is important. You want to smell nice, you want some mints. You don't want me up in people's faces be like eww- look and smell nice

I know it's a long day. So freshen up always.

You know-for the ladies, always have a pads or tampons on you, whatever you prefer.

I can't even tell you how many weddings because of the stress that I've started that day, In the middle of the wedding started.

So I always keep in my bag, always keeping my pouch always, emergency pads- ready.

And I can't tell you how many times where I have seen the bride started on her wedding day and nobody has pads or tampons.

So, always keep that. Maybe have put some midol on your bag. Put some Tylenol, put some Advil- like you need to stay hydrated if you have migraines like me.

Also the bride is going to look to you more than a wedding coordinator- for things like safety pins, things like hair pins things, like bobby pins, things like deodorant extra toothbrush, whatever.

Just have an emergency pack in your camera bag.

Most of the weddings that I worked with early on when you're starting like nobody brings any of these things

Keep the schedule with you at all times printed copy. Print a copy of the list of shots you need to take. Whatever you need to do to stay on it.

The photographer is the unnamed wedding coordinator. So you need to move people through very quickly because you're getting paid to get certain shots at certain times.

I can't even tell you how many times where people have been rushed that things have been dropped because I was not in charge.

Somebody else was in charge,and I was second shooting or doing video, whatever. And so, I'm not that main Person. I'm not the one in charge, so therefore I don't get to boss people around.

So there's a little list of things that I would recommend if you are getting into weddings. Let me know in the comments any other stuff that you would like to know!


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