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Learn to edit faster- get back to your work life balance !

Want FREE editing education? over 45 mins of teaching my shortcuts, tricks and tips for FREE right here on the blog



Editing a basic photo session should take no longer than 3 to four hours max! After 11 years of business and shooting photos and video 3 to four times a week- I have to get faster in my editing - that means having a workflow and process to get me a better work-life balance!

Air brush like a pro with this little product review of my favorite little tool that I use for graphic design and photos.


Watch me edit a real family session in lightroom- see my favorite workflow short cuts.


If you are BRAND NEW to lightroom and have no previous knowledge of uploading photos at all, or exporting them, this is a great little 8 min video on some of my favorite tips.


Save the environment on your next shoot- do this photoshop hack to save time and fees from local authorities- by using digital glitter.


see me editing a real session in 18 mins shot here at my studio- I talk about the 2022 updates for masking and some of my favorite tricks to save time- including making black and white copies.

I talk about brush tools, using crop and more!


What other things and products help you edit faster?


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