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Let’s talk photographers, props, what’s Included in the cost of your sessions and boundaries

📣Let’s talk props, sets and what’s included in the cost of your shoots

❌ you should not be running around last minute to get these request from these clients without them previously paying you for your time and energy and creative genius

❌ they should not be getting cakes for “free” or props for free unless you have already included that in the cost of the session

❌ your gas and time are valuable so you should be up charging for all of these additional things people want

❌ if people want a birthday session then you should not allow them to add on all the special requests last minute for you to run all around town and spend your entire morning and takeoff your regular day job to pick up props

✅ if they want props then they will have to be responsible for bringing them and getting the cake and all of those things if you did not previously discuss it

We should not be going into debt as photographers and going into debt mentally and physically trying to do everything

for everyone but put up boundaries very early

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