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My role as a homeschooling parent

I want to share with you a revelation thatI've gotten about parenting and about trying to train your kids for the Next Generation - for the next thing in life so that they can be fully equipped. This was a vision that I got- My kids are Gamers. They love games like “Breath of the wild” or open concept games. They love finding new worlds. All these games are same concept- tools are given , you talk to a wise person to get Clues to go to your next destination. Then you pick up another tool, to use that tool correctly to solve a problem. That kind of gaming made me think about my role as a parent. My job is to give them tools and give them the knowledge- To become that wise Sage that they find along the road and tells them some good things to do some things to watch out for. “Don't go here.” and to also “add to their life this…” My job is to find other “sages” that could help them- other people that can be around them. My job is to put them into situations to grow them- that’ll help them in their life - bring in other mentors. And so that is the bigger overarching picture of my parenting and what I'm trying to do. It's not just about getting an, “A” on a test. It's not just about scoring a soccer goal. It's about the overarching lesson “what we're going to learn about here?” “Are we going to listen to a coach?” “Are we going to play fair?” “Are we going to emotionally handle the situation to build a relationship with somebody?” “Are we going to learn to forgive?” Those are bigger tools that I'm trying to get them to learn. It’s very difficult because my daughter is a very literal person. So, it's hard for her when I say, “Hey, I want you in the car by this time, we have to go to the library.” She easily freaks out. She doesn't know how to manage her time. This is one of the reasons why we homeschool. We have work on these social cues. We work on these time management cues. We work on these life skills. We work on a lot of emotional cues during the homeschooling process. We do a lot of role play-a lot of the talking through things. I'm trying to coach her and train her on all these things. So, with her being a gamer- I told her, “just see me as a wise person, giving you tools.” Most adults are not going to think this way. They’re just going to say “here, kids have fun in life. Good luck.” They re not usually going to drop hints and drop clues. They aren’t usually going to give you the tools that you need. That's a just a tip that I wanted to share! Pass it along! if anybody else has comments about that, questions, or feels like they they agree with it- I would love to hear what you guys think about that in the in the comments. What other creative parenting hacks do you have so we can relate to kids on their level? ReplyForward


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