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New York Times Square Mother Daughter Trip | Virginia Photos and Films

This was the first time in 11 years of marriage that I was able to steal away and get away from my three kids for a girls only weekend. My wonderful mother treated me to something different- New York City!

Being a mom of three does make it hard to steal away time. So I am so grateful that my mother took time out of her busy schedule to treal and to spend time!

Our hotel was one block away from Time Square and it blew me away the amount of people squeezed into such a tiny place.

So many cultures all in one place- I’ve never heard so many languages spoken in a weekend.

The MET was so fascinating- so many gorgeous and timeless works of art. Central park had a horse and buggy ride very 2 minutes and of course Tavern on the Green was classy and timeless. Apparently, my grandparents ate there before I was even born.

We went into FAO Swartz and saw the Rockefeller Center with people ice skating even in late March.

I was so blessed to get away and see an awesome broadway show- Anastatia-which was one of favorite movies as a kid.

On the third day, we were able to visit the Natural History Museum- the NIGHT of the MUSEUM Museum.

Overall, I had a great time and loved being there to capture the memories!


Christal Marshall is a mom of three, photographer, videographer, homeschooler and just a straight hustler.

She was voted top 20 wedding photographers in VA in 2016 and 2018. She has been featured over 50 times in various different publications.

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