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Newbie, business, owner, feeling, overwhelmed?

newbie business owner- This is for you:

🤯you might not all know about all the details and the ins and outs and the QuickBooks and the marketing and blah blah blah.

But you know how to show up on time

you know how to have good work ethic, you know how to communicate with your clients you know how to do the best job in the world with what you have-

You show up early

you come dressed professionally on time

you do over and above their expectations

you get the The images or product in more than enough time,

you are just on it When it comes to answering stuff,

you smile

you have a  name tag,

you have business cards

🤯Boom, that right there. That is the beginning of a great business owner,

🐐that's going to be a GOAT business owner.

So you keep pushing you, keep hustling- you might not all know, all the ins and outs, but you have an amazing work ethic and you have the grind and I see you working.

So keep pushing.

Love y'all.