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Our favorite homeschool “subjects”

These are some subjects that we do in our home school that you might not have in your school.

We do board games:

it teaches debating, taking turns, problem solving, public speaking, math, reading all the stuff

life skills:

like cooking, cleaning, shopping, very important

entrepreneurial mindsets:

they come with us on a job site, we own several businesses. They're on the job or working with us, they’re shopping with us at Home Depot. They’re in the car with us at least a couple times a week.  We have a family work day to like do things or cleanup vehicles.

So, they can see the behind the scenes of running a business.

Time management:

is one of our last subjects.  Every day we're looking at setting timers, wearing watches, so that way, it helps with neuro spicy-people not have as much time blindness.

I would love to hear what you guys do for your subjects in your homeschool- and what helps you and your family.


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