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our top 10 free or cheap music sites for your photo or video project | royalty free music

Needing commercial licensed or royalty free music that won't get flagged or taken down? Here are our favorite sites for sound effects, corporate music, wedding music, slideshow music and more. Most of these sights are 100% free or a small charge for licensing of a song.

Let's start off with our favorite program. No, it's not free, but for unlimited licensing of songs for a mere 11$ a month, it's pretty hard to beat. is our number one place to get great music for all of our wedding video projects. has royalty free music and public domain music. That usually means music where the copyright has run out or the song is older. Each song is categorized and priced differently depending on the license. is another royalty free site. Apparently it was music from major films. Each song has a different level of pricing depending on the age of the song and it's licensing requirements. has public domain, royalty and some licensed songs as well. I am not a fan of their web design, but hey, it's free music right? has loop tracks for mixing if you are a dj, sound effects, film soundtracks and more. Each song is priced depending on license. They have THOUSANDS of free for commercial use songs with no fee. It's a little harder to search and find what you need, but if you take a few minutes to listen, you will probably find something you like! (sorry about the wrong link in the graphic) . Not only do they do music, but they also have online rental of equipment for filmmakers. You can also rent audio equipment for recording as well. was my first place to get music when I first started out before I found soundstripe. There are some attribution requirements for some songs, but overall, all the songs are FREE of charge. has some free songs and some paid songs. Attribution is required for many songs.

as a bonus is a great 100% commercial music site with thousands of different songs in various genres.


There you have it- happy listening and happy creating!

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She is a homeschool mom of three, cat lover, sushi eater and poke fan!

She started her business in 2011 with nothing but a $400 camera from Amazon, now she is has been published in over 60 different blogs and websites for her media work and rank top Wedding Photographer in Virginia Beach.


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