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Photographers: if you aren’t using REELS on Instagram, then you are missing out!

In 2021, the head of instagram announced that IG will no longer will be “photo sharing” app! How does that affect Photographers?

That means small town photographers need to start entering into video To compete with networks like TIK TOK

But don’t worry you CAN take control, get your engagement up, share about your life and grow your account with NO extra apps or software (unless you really want to), NO dancing or fancy transitions.

It‘s all about 10 seconds or less educational, informative and fun content to bring your viewers to your page!

✅Make sure you are doing a slideshow or a reel at least twice weekly-

❤️They don’t have to be fancy- just a 7 second or less (shorter the better) of some BTS from a shoot, setting up the shot, you editing on your computer, your latest shots, your favorite photo tools, a cool trick, you shopping for props, before and after editing

❤️Reels are the new tik tok, Instagram wants to be competitive and unfortunately still images are Not Going to be pushed up on the algorithm! Stay up with the times!

🥰You don’t have to dance or show your face- in fact educational/ BTS/how to posts are just as popular!

This is a screen shot of my Insights from the last month!

🥰I did NO fancy dancing, no fancy transitions, no iPhone 12+ (I have an old 8!) … and I’m able to get this kind of reach from just from some BTS, my family life, before/after, screen recording my editing, showing my website and more!


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